As an established and ambitious attorney, you have career options available to you that will maximise your potential for advancement, personal satisfaction and continued success.

Huntington Reynolds is an executive search firm that skilfully guides attorneys through every step of the process of a successful lateral associate move. We’ll help you to both objectively evaluate your current situation and to create a bespoke plan that will best position you for a successful, lateral placement into a more rewarding opportunity. Our clients include Am Law 100 groups, global, national and local firms, as well as boutique specialists and even virtual law firms!

Why Move?

The factors you took into consideration when accepting your first associate role (or when making subsequent moves) aren’t necessarily aligned to your interests, goals and expectations today. Successful attorneys are constantly evaluating opportunities for their professional advancement and even associates who are thriving in their current firms can find greater fulfilment and a better fit elsewhere. Huntington Reynolds can help you to assess your options, crystallise your goals and secure an opportunity that propels your career forward.

Your reasons for considering a move will be personal and unique, although some common motivators are;

• an opportunity for greater specialisation in your practice area of interest
• greater prospects for career advancement or clearer partnership track
• geographical relocation in the United States or internationally
• a desire to move into a new practice area or experience a different work culture
• more hands-on experience and greater responsibility
• a desire to move to a more prestigious firm with greater standing and reputation
• preferable remuneration terms

Why work with us?

We are exclusively dedicated to lateral placements within law firm environments. This razor-sharp focus affords us the opportunity to build deep and meaningful relationships with the key decision makers across the US and results in an intimate knowledge of the various cultures, opportunities and standing of each platform within each marketplace. With this competitive advantage, we are your strongest advocates and can guide you towards a more rewarding future.

We know you’ve worked hard to achieve your success thus far and you deserve the personalised and tailored support of a legal search firm to help you to objectively understand your value in the marketplace. We will diligently assess your credentials, experience, aspirations, goals, expectations and interests and ensure you receive the finest representation in the market. Our relationships with some of the most prestigious law firms in the country keeps us reliably informed on the pulse of the market and this will afford you access to some of the most exciting opportunities.

As a full bodied search firm, we are here to guide you through every step of the process, from resume & material submissions, interview preparation, offer evaluation and your post-acceptance transition. We will endeavour to make the process as efficient and smooth as possible.

We act solely upon your instruction, with your privacy unreservedly assured. All communication between yourself and Huntington Reynolds will remain completely confidential and we will only submit your credentials for consideration to firms where we have obtained your express consent to do so.

We will support you to evaluate your current situation, assess opportunities within other platforms, enhance your prospects and maximise your potential. We are with you every step of the way, from resume review, target employer selection, interview preparation, offer negotiation and ultimate transition.

The Process

  • Registration & assessment

    The process starts with a comprehensive registration with a Huntington Reynolds recruiter, who will take the time to get to know you both personally and professionally. During this confidential consultation, we’ll evaluate your current situation, your expertise and skills, your past experiences and your work style. We’ll undertake an analysis of your key drivers – that being the motivations you have for a move, your priorities, preferences and your expectations. If your goals are not yet formed, we can help you to clarify and articulate them. In short, we’ll build a complete picture of the ‘person behind the pedigree’

  • Research & planning

    Following your registration and assessment, your recruiter will research available opportunities for your placement. Where appropriate, we will consider presenting proposals of opportunistic introductions that are likely to yield positive results, where we see strong alignment with your credentials & objectives with a firm’s general hiring ambitions.

  • Presentation of proposed submissions

    We will present our proposal of the submissions we’d like to make on your behalf, for your consideration. You will be encouraged to have an enterprising approach to your job search and to creatively explore your prospects, often casting a wide net initially in order to capture multiple opportunities across the full scope of the market. We always advise that you do not overly limit your options – keep an open mind, be flexible and explore the various possibilities.

  • Submission of resume & materials

    Once you have provided your authorisation for us to introduce your credentials to your prospective employers-of-choice, we will commence the submission of your resume and supporting materials (Law School Transcripts etc) to the decision makers at these firms. We’ll ensure that your resume has been crafted in good form, that your application documents are well polished and that, where requested, a cover-letter supplements your application which neatly articulates your unique skills, strengths and value proposition.

  • Waiting for review and feedback

    This stage requires patience and is frequently the most frustrating part of the process for Associates. Some law firms will respond very quickly to your submissions and others may take a significant period of time to provide feedback. We will endeavour to utilise our relationships within firms to make the strongest possible case for your candidacy and will make follow up enquiries at appropriate frequencies.

  • Interview preparation & support

    Upon the receipt of one or more interview requests, you’ll commence preparations for your initial meetings. You only get one chance at a favourable first impression and so it is vital that you are well prepared for a productive conversation. We’ll work with you to ensure your strategy is perfected and that you are confident, calm and ready to succeed at interview.

  • Interviews & interview feedback

    Following each interview, we’ll do a full debrief with you and seek to obtain feedback from both parties, ensuring good communication, managed expectations and positive momentum to keep the rest of the process on-track. We aim to be as efficient as possible in obtaining and relaying feedback, acting as the trusted mediator between yourself and the law firm/s.

  • Offer Facilitation, Evaluation & Acceptance

    Once you have received one or more job offers, your consultant will assist you in evaluating the merits in relation to your career goals, aspirations and unique situation & in negotiating appropriate terms. The final decision is yours to make, though we will provide our counsel to you during the crucial period to support you in choosing wisely. After an offer has been accepted, we’ll work closely with you to support your resignation process and successful transition to your new firm.