Nearly all significant law firms now employ a structure that utilises Counsel/Of Counsel/Senior Attorney professionals within their model.

These attorneys are extremely competent, subject matter experts within their practice specialisms and can work autonomously with minimal supervision but have surpassed the level of Associate.

Counsel positions are typically afforded to highly experienced attorneys who are well suited to a middle-ground role between associate and partner.

For some senior associates, this is a stepping stone towards partnership, whereas for others who do not have aspirations to make partner, this role supports seasoned professionals to assume a role with greater status in the firm that is commensurate with their experience.

There are an array of reasons why an attorney may be evaluated to be best suited to a Counsel position, although the most common is that the professional is unable to meet the criteria for partnership as their book of business is not sufficient to merit it.

If you are a Counsel currently or have the requisite experience at Associate/Senior Associate grade to merit consideration as Counsel, Huntington Reynolds would be delighted to hear from you.