We act as trusted counsel to lateral partners and groups, facilitating strategically advantageous and deliberate moves that enhance their careers and propel their practices to the next level.

A lateral partner move deserves the guidance of a trusted search firm. Huntington Reynolds supports successful partners to navigate the myriad of opportunities and platforms available, leveraging their talents to ensure a successful integration of their practice that delivers optimal value for all parties.

Experience has taught us that accomplished partners with stellar reputations can become disenchanted with their current situation. We facilitate flawless transitions by working collaboratively with lateral partners, strategically charting the course to satisfying and remuneratively rewarding career moves. Whether your practice will be best suited to an Am Law 100 firm, an international/regional/local firm or a specialized boutique, we will guide you through the delicate and complex task of evaluating your platform and value in the marketplace, identifying opportunities, completing high-stakes negotiations and managing the transition in the most efficient and expeditious manner.

Why Move?

There are legions of reasons that can lead to a lateral partner determining a move makes strategic sense and no two partners will have the exact same circumstances.

The reasons a lateral partner may be seeking a new environment could include a desire or need for;

  • a more innovative or entrepreneurial firm
  • a firm with a greater standing or reputation in a given practice area
  • a firm with a more international footprint with offices and personnel in key locations
  • a firm that can deliver more complex matters and win larger cases
  • less client conflicts that impede revenue growth
  • greater autonomy
  • opportunity for rapid advancement or leadership roles
  • a firm with greater collegiality or more support from management
  • higher quality associates
  • better compensation that more appropriately recognises their originations, contributions and value
  • a firm with less attrition or with more stable revenue

By addressing one or more of these motivators, a partner can maximise their abilities and achieve greater professional success.

Effective lateral partner & group moves are complex and highly sensitive, requiring special expertise of the nuances of different practices and exceptional stakeholder management skills on the part of the headhunter. Huntington Reynolds acts as the muscle behind such moves – in short we understand the art and science of a successful lateral transition and can help you to align your ambitions with maximum opportunity, whilst providing you with the best representation possible.



We call upon deep relationships built with the leadership of law firms, such as Managing Partners, Executive Committees and Chairpersons, to open doors and facilitate Partnership conversations with key decision makers. We’ll support you to infiltrate the market, with a personalised and tailored approach that will give you maximum competitive advantage whilst mitigating risks.

We’ll spend considerable time in building a deep and meaningful understanding of the nuances of your practice and the drivers behind your interest in moving to a new firm.

In short, we’ll become experts in the individuality of your value-proposition, that being what you bring to the table and how we can best profile you to achieve your professional goals, with consideration paid to your unique personality and the cultures of different firms. We will advocate on your behalf as matchmaker, leveraging our knowledge of the law firms that are most likely to have interest in opportunistic partner acquisition of an individual with your talents and credentials. As the engine behind your successful move, we handle the logistics of orchestrating your search, leaving you free to focus on the pressures and demands of running your practice in the knowledge that your time is valuable.

Discretion is of paramount importance. Your submission of interest will be handled with great care and we will prospect you to platforms-of-choice in a fashion that assures confidentiality.

Finally, as your trusted career advisor, we’ll support you with the high-stakes negotiation of favourable terms and conditions that meet your financial and career objectives and are seen as mutually agreeable and fair.

The Process

We adopt a highly methodical approach to representing lateral partners and groups that mitigates risk and maximises opportunity.

  • Registration

    The process starts with a thorough registration with a Huntington Reynolds recruiter to build a comprehensive picture of your practice, goals & drivers, the portability of your business and interests. During this stage we will assess your individual marketability and whether we are able to represent your candidacy.

  • Research

    Your recruiter will develop a personalised and bespoke plan, based on a research-led approach to considering the law firms that both meet your criteria and are likely to have reciprocal interest in the commercial proposition of hiring you. We will consider the factors that have been identified as fundamental to your search.

  • Presentation

    We will present our curated selection of firms to you for your consideration and approval.

  • Consent to Enquire

    Upon gaining your express consent, we will make discrete enquiries with the decision makers at these firms in order to ascertain their interest in considering you for Partnership opportunities. In the interests of maintaining confidentiality and discretion, we’ll act to ensure the fewest pairs of eyes sight your submission of interest.

  • Submission

    For those firms that express interest, we’ll submit all relevant materials we have accrued that pertain to yourself, which may include some or all of the following; an overview of your practice and its economics, the portability of your businesses and its value, information pertaining to portable client relationships, the composition of staffing and the group (if any) that may move with you, your business plan if one has been prepared.

  • Initial Interview

    An initial interview will then be arranged with the hiring firm. This is a preliminary screening interview for both parties to ascertain if there is mutual interest in developing conversations and formalising the assessment process.

  • Lateral Partner Questionnaire

    Assuming positive feedback from both parties, more meetings may be established, or the law firm may elect for you to complete their Lateral Partner Questionnaire (LPQ) straight away.

  • Clarification

    Once you have completed the LPQ and this has been reviewed by the law firm/s, they will scrutinise this and on occasion, ask for clarification on certain matters.

  • Final Interviews

    Final interviews & meetings will take place and the assessment process will reach its conclusion.

  • Offer & Negotiation

    The process will cumulate with the presentation of an offer and negotiations, which Huntington Reynolds may assist you with where appropriate. We’ll assist you in arriving at an informed decision and the weighing of the relative benefits and advantages of any offers.

  • Acceptance

    Acceptance of the offer.

  • Transition

    Following the acceptance of the offer, we will counsel you through the process of your resignation, the transition into your new firm and the integration of your practice.