Given the prominence of associates within the law firm business model, it’s of no surprise that the demand for well credentialed, high quality attorneys far outstrips supply.

Our law firm clients are discerning customers with unique working cultures, expectations and hiring preferences.

Why Work With Us?

Successful law firms understand the importance of investing into their associate group and know the impact that recruiting “stars” can make. The quality of every hire made reflects the reputation of their entire firm and their standing within the market. In short, your associate pool is a defining characteristic of the quality of your firm’s work and should be seen as mission-critical to the health of your business.

Our search mantra is to work in close partnership with our law firm clients to deliver talent that will yield a deep, meaningful and long lasting impact. We represent promising lawyers who have the attributes, ambition and aspirations to grow into future leaders. In addition, Huntington Reynolds exclusively places laterals within law firms, ensuring we are highly focused and able to deliver a superior pool of candidates than generalist search firms.

Your time is valuable and your business deserves the undivided attention of a search firm that has intimate knowledge of the legal domain. Posting job advertisements yields scores of applications, often of underwhelming attorneys, frustrating your team and wasting precious time. We help you cut through the noise, presenting well vetted and qualified attorneys from the top, nationally-ranked law schools, with experience rooted in well reputed firms.

The most attractive candidates are frequently not actively on the market and must be solicited through effective, discrete and well-targeted approaches. We are persistently pleasant in the way in which we seek to engage and secure passive talent, through capturing their attention on the phone and encouraging them to be open-minded about opportunities with your firm.


Our Process & Services

We operate a two-pronged approach to the placement of lateral associates.

  • Traditional

    We offer traditional contingency and retained search services for the lateral placement of associates. This starts with a full briefing where we’ll consult with you to develop an intimate understanding of the intricacies of your firm’s culture and practice groups. We’ll then utilise the full arsenal of search methods available to us, calling upon our developed database, the relationships we’ve cultivated across the legal landscape and our skills in headhunting passive candidates to identify a long-list of prospective recruits. Through refining this target list based upon the criteria you set (specific abilities, academic attainments, prior experience, practice expertise, interpersonal skills, business development potential), we’ll vet prospective candidates rigorously to arrive at a shortlist to present for your consideration. We’ll support you through every stage of your interviews and evaluation, providing a channel of feedback from both parties throughout, until a hiring decision is made and an offer is accepted.

  • Opportunistic

    The second way we work with clients is proactively, by introducing the credentials of promising associates who we feel merit your attention and consideration. Ambitious law firms see the potential of hiring high-caliber associates who are likely to thrive in their environments, even if an opening hasn’t been pre-defined or approved. We believe significant value can be gained by considering outstanding attorneys who have started to consider making a lateral move to a new platform.

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