As the law firm industry has matured, the prevalence of Counsel, Of-Counsel, Senior Attorney and Special Counsel roles has increased exponentially, disrupting the Associate/Partner model.

Firms have grown to realise that exceptional attorneys can still add significant value to their operations, even if these professionals are unable or unwilling to pursue the traditional track to Partnership.

Huntington Reynolds has a well-developed candidate pool of senior attorneys who have considerable expertise in their chosen fields and typically have 6-30 years of post qualification experience but either do not have a sufficient book of business to make Partner in their current firm or have no desire to pursue Partnership (due to the demands of the role, financial obligations or other).


These candidates are able to complete highly sophisticated work, often with minimal supervision and can therefore add significant value whilst delivering strong billable hours. Many attorneys at this level will ultimately go on to become Partners at a later date.

Your firm can benefit immensely from the recruitment of knowledgeable Counsel level hires who require little training and oversight. Huntington Reynolds maintains a well developed database of Counsel professionals across all practice area specialisms and who are ready to navigate the next opportunity in their careers.

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